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Arlo | Interior Design Presentation Template
Arlo | Interior Design Presentation Template
Arlo | Interior Design Presentation Template
Arlo | Interior Design Presentation Template
Arlo | Interior Design Presentation Template
Arlo | Interior Design Presentation Template
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Arlo | Interior Design Presentation Template

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As an interior designer or architect, you pour your heart and soul into crafting beautiful spaces for your clients. But we understand that the design process can be demanding, with multiple projects, tight deadlines, and the constant need to communicate your ideas effectively. That's where our Design Presentation Template makes a difference.

Our 37-page comprehensive design presentation template is fully customisable, designed to support you during the design phase, providing a structured format for your client presentations.

The design phase is one of the most exciting parts of your client journey, where you bring your concepts to life and build excitement. A well-crafted design presentation is essential for:

  • Communicating Your Ideas: Clearly express your concepts, plans, and project details.
  • Facilitating Collaboration: Structured layouts allow for better feedback and alignment with client needs. Lead your clients through a clear storyline that explains your design choices and excites them about the project.
  • Saving Time: We've done all the heavy lifting for you. Our template includes pre-designed layouts with helpful prompts so you can focus on your design project, not formatting. Easily drag and drop your project details, concept boards, mood boards, material selections, and more. Each page includes pre-written text to guide your writing, ensuring you don't miss important information and can complete your presentation swiftly. Comprehensive sections cover everything from conceptual inspiration to detailed floor plans and material specifications.
  • Fully Customisable: Adjust fonts, colours, images, and pages to match your brand. Compatible with Canva, PowerPoint, or Adobe InDesign (16:9, 4:3, A3 formats).
  • Perpetual Ownership: Purchase once and use indefinitely, with free updates ensuring our templates evolve alongside your needs.
Enrich Client Experience

Our template enhances your presentations, making them engaging and polished. By covering every detail and anticipating client questions, you’ll build stronger client relationships and ensure project success. Spend less time on formatting and more time refining your design and preparing for the actual presentation. This way, you can deliver your ideas effectively, leading to better outcomes and satisfied clients.

The Arlo Design Presentation is crafted to complement the Arlo Collection of templates, ensuring a seamless and cohesively branded experience for your clients.

Upon purchase, you'll gain immediate access to our template links and Help Guide. We also provide a link to our collection of curated royalty-free images that you may use in your presentations.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Nice professional template, with instructions how to use it and create custom presentation.


Perfect ! Thank you !


Great looking templates, this will look great when I use it for my process.

ADN Staging and Design

Amazing!! Easy to edit too


Wonderful and easy to use